Pier Into The Future
About Us

Community leaders created Pier Into The Future, a non-profit organization to, to establish a $1 million endowment fund to preserve and maintain this treasured resource for future generations to enjoy.

Since reaching their goal in 2007, Pier Into The Future has contributed over $500,000 to the City of Ventura to fund repairs and enhancements to the Ventura Pier. You are invited to become part of history in this unique fundraising effort and help preserve the treasured historic Ventura Pier.

2017 Board of Directors

David Fukutomi – President • Kathy McAden – Vice President
Doug McAden – CFO • Ronda Holden – Secretary
Monty Clark • Bob Tobias – Past Presidents • Steve Doll • Don Mills
Mary Joyce Ivers • Matt Kohagen • Joe Kreutz
Greg Ramirez • Charnell Smith
Michael Machuzak
Lou Cunningham
• Robin DeRueda

Jenise Wagar – Executive Director
E-Mail: PierIntoTheFuture@GMail.com

Ventura Pier