Pier Into The Future

March 2016 Update - In light of the recent storm damage to the Pier, Pier into the Future is proud to be offering a unique way the community can support the Pier with Sunset on the Pier. This incredible evening of fine food and drinks will take place on the Ventura Pier in a private setting. For ticket information please contact Pier into the Future at  Ph. (805) 804-7735 or email us at pierintothefuture@gmail.com

It's going to be a very special evening that you don't want to miss!


  Our Mission: A non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the Historic Ventura Pier.


Ventura Pier Naming Opportunities

Permanently honor your loved ones in a meaningful way by engraving their name on granite at the Ventura Pier. (Additional options are available). View Our Naming Opportunities page for more information.


Ventura Pier Products

Ventura Pier Products are available at The Ventura Visitors Bureau. (101 S. California St.) We have a number of items including sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hats and note cards depicting the Ventura Pier.


Congratulations to our 2015 photo contest winners!

First Place Winner: Denise Wire

Second Place Winner: John Ferritto